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About Shimla

Shimla is one of the popular tourist destinations in India that attracts tourists from all over the world. Shimla or Simla is the capital city of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, located in north-west Himalayas at an altitude of 2,130 metres. It is a popular hill station, draped in forests of pine, rhododendron, and oak. The location of Shimla is on a crescent shaped ridge with many hills which is well connected by land and air. It is bounded by Mandi and Kullu in the north, Kinnaur in the east, the state of Uttarakhand in the south-east, and Solan and Sirmaur to the south. Shimla, the summer capital of the erstwhile British Raj in India, is famous for its Victorian architecture and its scenic terrain. It is home to the mountain biking race MTB Himalaya which was started in 2005.

History of Shimla

History of the area constituting Shimla dates back to the time of the Indus valley civilization (2250 and 1750 BCE). Tribes such as the Koilis, Khasas, Dagis, Dhaugris, Kirats, Dasa, Kinnars and Halis inhabited the region from pre-historic era. Before that Shimla was under the rule of the Gurkhas. It is said that after the Gurkha War in 1819, the British soldiers founded a dense forest near the temple of Goddess Shyamala. The name ‘Shimla’ is believed to be named after the Goddess Shyamala. Lt. Ross, the Assistant Political Agent of hill states, set up the first British residence- a wooden cottage in 1819 at Shimla. Later, Lt.Charles Patt Kennedy erected the first pucca house named ‘Kennedy House’ in 1822. Shimla was declared the summer capital of India in 1864 by the British. Road from Kalka to Shimla was constructed in 1850-51 but it was connected by train line in 1903.

After Independence of India, Shimla became the capital of the state of Punjab and later in 1966, with the creation of the state of Himachal Pradesh it was declared the capital of the state. Shimla came into existence from 1st Sept, 1972 on the reorganization of the districts of the state. The Shimla district was formed on 1st September 1972; it comprises 19 erstwhile hill states mainly Balson, Bushahr, Bhaji and Koti, Darkoti, Tharoch & Dhadi, Kumharsain, Khaneti & Delath, Dhami, Jubbal, Keothal, Madhan, Rawingarh, Ratesh, and Sangri.

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