Pondicherry Tourist Attractions

Pondicherry Tourism

Macular Vinayak Temple - Pondicherry

Macular Vinayak Temple, Pondicherry is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It has a golden spire and walls consist of the images of 40 different forms of Ganesha.

Jamai Mosque - Pondicherry

Jamai Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Pondicherry situated at the Mulla Street, is a rare architectural monument. Main attraction of the mosque is its large very well maintained prayer hall.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Pondicherry

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Pondicherry is famous for its stained glass corridors and panels.



Shri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry

Aurobindo Ashram, the best known landmark of Pondicherry, has grown into a centre for the practice of Integral Yoga, a seat of learning and a training ground for sadhana attracting people from all over the world.



Church of Our Lady of Angels - Pondicherry

"Church of Our Lady of Angels, Pondicherry" is known for its masonry and prayer mass done in French.


Auroville - Pondicherry

Auroville- ‘the city of Dawn’ is a universal township envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother where people from different nationalities, faiths and beliefs, can live in peace and harmony.



Raj Niwas - Pondicherry

Raj Niwas of Pondicherry is one of the oldest surviving buildings of French in style which is now used as the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of Puducherry.



French Institute of Indolog - Pondicherry

French Institute of Indolog is a research institute of Pondicherry which explores Indian civilization. Architecture of the building is marvelous; it has a very well decked entrance gate with pediment, arched staircases, arcades and windows.



House of Ananda Rangapillai - Pondicherry

House of Ananda Rangapillai,  the home of an 18th century Indian nobleman – Ananda Rangapillai, is an unusual specimen of indo - French architecture built in 1773, which is now converted into a museum.



Pondicherry Museum

The Museum provides a glimpse of Pondicherry’s rich past from the days of the pre-Christian era down to the present day. It provides glimpses of the art and culture of the people of this region.



Bharati Museum - Pondicherry

Bharati Museum, situated at Easwaran Dharmaja Koil Street, Pondicherry, was basically the house of the famous poet Subramaniya Bharati which has been now converted into a museum and is literally a pilgrimage for the Tamilians.



Bharatidasan Museum - Pondicherry

Bharatidasan Museum, situated at Perumal Koil Street, Pondicherry, was the residence of Kanakasubburatnam has now been converted into a museum, containing the collection of his works.



Jawahar Toy Museum - Pondicherry

Jawahar Toy Museum exhibiting 130 dolls representing different states of India, is an excellent museum, located in the old Light House building near Gandhi Maidan, Pondicherry. Toys and puppets from different parts of India are displayed here.

Romain Rolland Library - Pondicherry

Romain Royal library of Pondicherry has a rich and rare collection of 300,000 volumes in both French and English.



Anglo-French Textile Mills - Pondicherry

The century old Anglo-French Textile mills in Pondicherry is worth a visit. The fabrics and products of the mill are fabulous. 10% rebate is provided by the mill to the tourists on the purchases made.

The Botanical Garden - Pondicherry

The Botanical Garden of Pondicherry with its 1500 species of wonderful plants is a worth visiting site.



Aayimandapam - Pondicherry

Aayimandapam is the most recognizable monument of Pondicherry surrounded by five parks. It is a magnificent white monument, situated in the heart of the city.



Ashrams in Pondicherry - Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a city of ashrams; nearly 18 saints or siddhas were based in Pondicherry.



Pondicherry Beaches

Pondicherry has a lovely beach, 1.5 km. long, where one can relax, sunbathe, swim or take a stroll along the promenade. Some of the beaches to be visited in this territory are the Serenity Beach, the Paradise Beach, Karaikal Beach, Mahe Beach and Yanam River Cruise.



Promenade - Pondicherry

The 1.5 km long promenade running along the beach is the pride of Pondicherry. Most of the landmarks are on the sea front; some important landmarks are -

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi - Pondicherry

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, built by the famous sculptor Roy Choudhary from Madras School of Art and Crafts, is a 13 ft. high statue of Mahatma Gandhi standing on the beach front of Pondicherry. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi is surrounded by carved monolithic pillars.

French War Memorial - Pondicherry

French War Memorial, situated on the famous Goubert Avenue, is raised by the French in honor of the soldiers at Pondicherry, commemorating the sacrifice of the soldiers in the First World War.



Statue of Dupleix - Pondicherry

Statue of Dupleix  is a 2.88 meters tall memorial statue of Joseph Francois Dupleix located at Goubert Avenue, Pondicherry, erected over six exquisitely carved granite pillars.



Light House - Pondicherry Tourism

The Lighthouse of Pondicherry was first lighted on 1st July, 1836. The beacon placed on a masonry tower, 29 meters above sea level could be seen up to a distance of 29 kilometers.

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