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Sundarban is known among tourists as the largest delta in the world. Sundarban is spread in an area of 10,200 sq km with around 6000 km in Bangladesh and remaining in India. The mangrove forests of Sundarban are the largest in world. There are various kind of wildlife here with the major wildlife travel attractions being tigers and crocodiles. 


Digha, located about 190 KM from Kolkata, is a popular beach destination. The scenic beach of Digha is frequented by local travelers from Kolkata who are looking for a weekend getaway. The sea at Digha is calm and shallow, which makes it perfect for swimming.


Mandarmani is another beautiful beach travel destination around 200 km from Kolkata. Tourists will find Mandaramani less crowded and peacful. There are some great resorts located near Mandaramani beach. 


Chuchura is a small town located about 35 km from Kolkata on the banks of Hoogly River. Chinsura is popular among travelers for its grand city church that has a Mother Mary statue brought by the Portuguese. Other tourist attractions in the town are a Dutch cemetery and 18th century Dutch Villa. 


Bandel is a small town about 43 km from Kolkata that is popular among travelers for the Bandel church. The Bandel Church was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese and is an architectural masterpiece. The other important places to visit in Bandel are the Jubilee bridge, which is one of the oldest fuctional rail bridge in world (1887) and the Imambara built in memory of philanthropist Hazi Mohammad Mohsin in 1861. 


Chandannagar is a small city about 30 km from Kolkata, and was once a French Colony. The major places to visit in the city are the city museum - having some good French antiques; the Sacred Heart Church - a 200 years old church built by the French with beautiful architecture; Patal-Bari - an beautiful house with charming architecture; and Nandadulal temple - a 18th century temple with ancient sculptures. 


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