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History of Kolkata

Kolkata was established by the East India company in the year 1690, when the Nawab of Bengal who ruled the neighbouring villages of Kalikata, Gobindapur and Sutanuti, granted the company trade license. The East India company built lot of fortification in the city to keep out the French forces. The Nawab of Bengal didn't like the fortification activities of the company and attacked and captured the city. The company forces recaptured the city next year from the Nawab and declared the city as capital of British presidency. The city flourished as capital of country under British rule and lot of trade and development activities happened here. Kolkata served as the capital of India under the rule of East India company and later under British Raj till the year 1911. The British Raj later shifted the capital to Delhi, due to location advantage of Delhi and the rising Nationalism in Kolkata. The city was an important centre of the freedom movement of country. 

Since 1850s, the city experience industrial revolution with major textile and other industries opening up here. Along with industrial development, Kolkata also saw major infrastructure development. The city also became an important center of Indian national freedom movement with the first national conference of Indian National Association taking place here.


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