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About Hampi - Karnataka Tourism

Hampi is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka that is frequented by travellers to view the ruins of once a well established empire of Vijayanagara. Hampi is home to more than 500 big and small historical monuments that stand as an illustration of the grandeur of an historical empire that now stands in ruins. The main tourist attractions include temples, forts, palaces, aquatic structures, ancient markets, and royal buildings. 

Hampi is a small village in the northern Karnataka state, earlier being the capital of Hindu empire, Vijayanagara, that ruled south India during 14th to 16th century AD. The ruins of the city are an amazing visual treat for travellers full of history, architecture and religion. Hampi is a declared UNESCO’s world heritage site. The city landscape is spread over an area of 25 sq. kms packed with giant temples, palaces, market streets, aquatic structures, fortifications and an abundance of other ancient monuments.

History lovers will just fall in love the with this place where each and very monument has a story to tell. The thing that makes Hampi very unique and interesting is the splendour and grandeur of once a great city that is still visible and the way the city went into decline and then ruins. Hampi is surrounded by river Tungabhadra with rocky granite stones all over the banks of river. 

The main tourist attractions here are Vittala temple, Virupaksha temple, Royal enclosure, Elephant stable and Hampi Bazaar. There are no words to discribe the splendour and brilliance of these monuments and the best way to experience the glory is by visiting them yourself. 

Hampi History - Karnataka Tourism

Hampi was once a major trading centre and capital of the Vijayanagar empire. The city was a thriving centre of art and architecture with some of most beautiful monuments of that era built in the city. The Vijayanagar empire saw its peak during the reign of King Krishnadeva Raya (1501-1529 AD). The empire slowly started seeing decline after facing defeats by the deccan sultanates. The city of Hampi was plundered and ravaged by the sultanate. The people of the city fled post these wars and the city was completely deserted. Slowly, the city became a ghost city with complete neglect from the future kingdoms. Hampi came later into existence when the city was discovered by archaeologists from British era. 

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