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Nagoa Beach - Diu

Nagoa beach of Diu is an exceptionally beautiful, palm-fringed, largely deserted and secluded beach which is an ideal place for people seeking solitude.



Ghoghala Beach - Diu

Ghoghla Beach is said to be the largest and gentle most beach of Diu. Swimming, sunbathing, parasailing, surfing and many other water sport facilities are available on this sandy beach. There is a tourist complex with all basic amenities.

Jallandhar Beach - Diu

At a distance of 1 km from Diu Town, Jallandhar beach is named after the shrine of Jallandhar, a mythological demon killed by Lord Krishna, located on a hillock close to the beach. There is also a temple of Goddess Chandrika on the beach.

Sea Shell Museum - Nagoa - Diu

Sea Shell Museum, Nagoa is the first sea shells museum of Asia having a collection of 2500 to 3000 sea shells; it is situated at Nagoa beach near airport in Diu. Sea shells are displayed in magnifyng glass of various sizes.

Gangeshwar Temple - Diu

Gangeshwar temple, about at 3 Km from Diu, is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated amidst rocks on the seashore; it is believed that the Pandavas worshiped Lord Shiva here during their exile.



St.Paul's Church - Diu

St. Paul's church is the church of our Lady of Immaculate Conception, built in Gothic style in 16th century; it is the only active church till date.



St. Thomas Church- Museum - Diu

The old St. Thomas Church, built in 1598, has been converted into a museum which houses antique statues, various stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, wooden carvings and idols.

INS Khukri Memorial - Diu

INS Khukri memorial was built at Diu for the officers & sailors of INS Khukri who lost their lives during the India Pakistan War in 1971.



Fortim-do-Mar (Pani Kotha) - Diu

Fortim-do-Mar or the Fortress of Panikotha is a magnificent stone structure located in the middle of the sea, built right at the mouth of the creek.



Diu Fort

The Fort of Diu with its impressive structure dominates the town scape and offers a superb view of the sea.



Church of St.Francis of Assisi - Diu

Church of St Francis of Assisi is one of the very old churches in the district of Diu built in 1593. The Church is still in use and the cloister has been converted into a hospital.

Nagar Sheth Haveli - Diu

Nagar Sheth Haveli is a colorful three-storey building which has porticoes, carved balconies, stone-made lions and intricate arches in European and Indian styles.

Naida Caves - Diu

Naida Caves are a big network of tunnels with square hewn steps, which is yet to be fully explored. It is said that the Portuguese hacked building materials from these caves. Naida Caves are situated outside the city wall of the Diu Fort.

Summer House - Diu

The summer house is located on hill near Jallandhar Beach in Diu. Throughout the day one can find cool in this summer house.

Diu Jetty

Diu Jetty is located in the heart of city near the Bunder Chowk, Main Bazar. The entrace gate of the Jetty is illuminated with colour lights.

Bird Watching Tower - Diu

The Bird Watching Tower, situated on Nagoa Road near by Fudam Village, is illuminated with colorful lighting. Different birds are found in that area.

Zampa Gate - Diu

Zampa Gate is another end of Diu city located near talkies and Padmabhushan Sports Complex. It is illuminated with lights.


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