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About Bilaspur Himachal

Bilaspur, situated in Shivalik range of lower Himalayas, is a small district of Himachal Pradesh state of India which is surrounded by lush hills and scenic beauty. Bilaspur of Himachal Pradesh is mainly known for the manmade Govind Sagar Lake on the Sutlej River which acts as the reservoir for the Bhakra and Nangal Dam project. Bilaspur is divided into two parts by River Sutlej that passes right through its center. Bilaspur Township is situated just above the old town of Bilaspur at an elevation of 670 m. above sea level. It is the first planned hill town of the country of India and the third least populous district of Himachal Pradesh state of India. Bilaspur has many tourist attractions; it is the ideal place to go on sightseeing tours. Tourism in Bilaspur is mainly related with religious activities and water sports at famous Gobind Sagar Lake. Bilaspur is also famous for its old forts and one of the highest straight gravity Dam in the world know as Bhakhra Dam.

History of Bilaspur Himachal

History of Bilaspur town of Himachal Pradesh says that in the 7th century, the area around Bilaspur- known as Kahlur- was the capital of Chandela Rajputs. The town of Bilaspur was founded in 1663. Later, it came under the authority of the British province of Punjab and became a princely state of British India. After independence, the ruler of Bilaspur acceded to the Government of India on October 12, 1948 and Bilaspur became a separate state of India. Later, the historic town was submerged to make Govind Sagar Dam over the Sutlej River and a new town was built upslope of the old. On July 1, 1954, Bilaspur was merged with Himachal Pradesh state of India and became Bilaspur District.

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